At NSP we respect the environment and the world we play in. We are constantly looking for new ideas and innovative technologies to reduce the negative impact on our planet as we build surf, foil and SUP boards. We try to adhere to the basic principle that every product produced must have some form of environmentally sustainable component; whether it’s our CocoFlax technology, EPS core, recycled traction pads, bio-friendly resins, and our packaging. Surfing has been around for hundreds of years and we want to see it for another couple thousand.


NSP was the first to incorporate shape molded SecureCell EPS blanks in our surf- and SUP manufacturing process. The result is almost zero foam dust waste.

Sicomin Award

NSP uses green epoxy resin from Sicomin epoxy systems. Sicomin invests considerable resources into innovation and supplying new, environmentally enhanced green epoxy systems based on natural ingredients. NSP CocoMat boards for instance are manufactured with high-performance bio-epoxy resin, based on no less than 28% of plant-based organics.


DC Surf Wide
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DC Surf Wide

NSP CocoMat technology, 2019 Paddle Expo Product of the Year, is the world’s first and only Patent Pending construction that uses natural fibers from coconut husks to create a light and strong micro sandwich.

Another industry leading innovation by NSP is the use of water based dye pigments in our CocoMat construction. These dyes use zero percent solvents or other toxic additives.

In keeping with our pledge to pursue sustainable materials and manufacturing, NSP has introduced Flax Fiber Rail technology to the CocoMat series in 2019; resulting in the CocoFlax range. This already eco-friendly product will benefit from this highly durable reinforced fiber made from the flax seed plant, and help NSP in reducing the use of fiberglass and overall carbon footprint.

Harmless Harvest supplies NSP with coconut husks, a by-product from Thailand certified organic farms, for use in our CocoMat and CocoFlax boards.

About Harmless Harvest:

Harmless Harvest envisions a world where nutritious, clean, organic and healthy food and beverages are the standard rather than the exception; where all people involved in creating the product are treated with fairness; and the planet is treated harmlessly.


Whether you are foiling, surfing or paddling –  at a certain performance level traction pads become essential. The added grip inspires confidence and allows for more radical moves. And speaking of radical, we are proud to announce that these repurposed EVA pads have the lowest carbon footprint in the entire NSP product line-up.


With absolutely no plastic in the packaging, just flax fibres and recycled paper, the product itself is made from 95% repurposed EVA off-cut, straight from the factory floor.

Traction pad packaging
Ready to be repurposed


We wanted to create a greener product packaging that would eliminate the landfills from excessive amounts of plastic. We joined Cobra Intl to find a solution that not only protects your board from dust, debris and scratches when being transported, but one that when you open the box for the first time you can immediately see that we are serious about the environment!

We have a combination of kraft paper wrap and tissue paper that we use to package the boards and although we are striving to be 100% sustainable in our packaging, we are not quite there yet with our PU boards.  We have yet to find a material that keeps the boards protected without scratching or damaging the clear coat- if you have any suggestions, please contact our product team to discuss.

We have also teamed up with our China manufacturers to get them on board with our sustainability initiatives and they have agreed to support us by now packing each inflatable board with paper instead of the dreaded plastic.

We are always open to hear how we can become better for the planet – let us know what you think.

Cobra board packaging
Inflatable board packaging