Jorge Venancio’s interview: “Portugal is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world to surf”

Who is Jorge? How did you get into Surfing?

My name is Jorge and I have 45 years old. I was born in Mozambique and came to Portugal at the age of 4 to live in Parede, a small village near the beach, 10 minutes from Cascais, 20 minutes from Lisbon. Being close to the beach, I naturally practised surfing, biking (BMX) and skateboarding. I’m always looking for some adrenaline.

Longboarder for more than 25 years and longboard SUPer since 2 years. Manuel Roman, a close friend, owner of the school of SUP “GUSU” Get Up Stand Up, put me on a SUP board and I completely felt in love, I really like to mix SUP and longboard, it’s a new way to ride and explore waves.

What makes Portugal one of the best place to Surf in the world?

Portugal is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world to surf. For starters, you have almost 300 days a year of sunshine with mild temperature! And best of all, you can surf almost every day. You have waves for all levels, even places with world-class waves, like Super Tubes in Peniche, 45 mn from Lisbon and of course the giant waves of Nazaré. These are just a few examples of great places to surf. The Portuguese coast is an excellent place to surf.

What is your favourite spot and why?

The beach of Parede is one of the best places for SUP surf. As the main peak, you have a long right with good sections for maneuvers. Along the beach, you have other waves, good for beginners. According to the direction of the swell, you also have good lefts. This beach has to be in the script of any surfer (SUP). The crowd is super friendly (sometimes). ah ah ha

How is the surf community in Portugal?

There´s a lot of excitment and passion for surf in Portugal. The surf comunity have been growing consistently since the eighty´s until now with a lot of surf schools sharing knowledge and surf culture and bring many kids and people for surf. Future of surf in Portugal seems to be really good.

Why would you advise people to surf?

The whole point of surfing is to have fun. Surfing is for all ages and fitness levels.  It can be a fun way to chill with friends, family or it could be a solo ride to relax your mind. It offers a unique standing perspective on the water.

For you, what makes NSP so unique? 

I can talk about the quality of constructions and durability of the boards. I can talk about SUP race success. But everyone already knows about it. For me, NSP is family and fun. I say this because the NSP boards are for everyone, almost all models can be used by everyone, inexperienced or expert, and everyone can enjoy to the maximum! I’m not a “pro”, and I do not want to be. I just want to have fun. This is NSP. Each customer is a new element in this great family. Big thanks to the NSP distributor, Pedro Soares Martins, for all the support and strength he has given to me, and thank you to the entire NSP international team.