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NSP Rider & Ambassador Program


To help promote NSP in your market, NSP provides an attractive discount program to us build a team of key influencers, ambassadors and team riders that surf, paddle, foil or race on NSP.

What is the objective?

The objective is to help NSP promote our brand in your market and to help you promote your own brand. If you race, sup, foil or surf – we would like to hear from you.

What is the difference between team rider or ambassador?

We consider people that participate in races / surf competitions as team riders, others that do not compete but are actively promoting NSP as ambassadors.

How do I apply to be a rider / team ambassador?

Complete the attached rider application form and push send. We will review the application, your social media channels and will consult with our local Distributors. We will then notify you via email.

Once approved who do I report to?

We would like you to work together with your local Distributor to help build your market. They will ultimately be responsible for overseeing product give-aways, discounts and incentives.

What can I expected to receive from NSP?

Depending if you are a team rider or ambassador, we provide discounts on products, sometimes boards on loan and we help to promote your own brand or shops through our social media channels. NSP International will ensure you are featured on the NSP website team page, as well as share your material on our social media.

What is expected of the team rider / ambassador?

The rider / ambassador should be committed to promoting the NSP brand on their own social channels. We ask that you help provide video and images of you using the NSP products while also helping to support your local markets. an


We look forward to working together to share the stoke!

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